Hunting Camping

We are a family owned campground that is close to a heard of elk that live in and around our campsite. Last Chance Camp Equine Rest Stop in Forks, WA, is a perfect location for your next hunting camping trip. Our most favorite times were always when we went camping with our dogs, sitting around the camp fire and meeting some really wonderful people. We hope to continue that here in our little campground.

With the crisp air of the early morning, the rush of the hunt and the triumph of elk hunting can make many memorable memories for you and your family. Last Chance Camp Equine Rest Stop can help you achieve these feelings with our hunting camping.

When you are camping and hunting with your family or friends, you can know that your trip will be one to remember. Our campsite is also available to your pets. Last Chance Camp Equine Rest Stop is open to all those that want to experience nature and the rush of the hunt. When you and your family have come back you hunting trip, you can relax in your tent or at our RV tent camping. To learn more about our campsite and hunting camping services, please contact us Forks, WA.